I have been wanting to get my eyebrows done for so long but kept putting it off because number one I'm afraid of any kind of pain. Number two, what if I don't like it? What if the color is wrong or the shape is not how I want it? These are important things to think about. I mean is it really worth it?! When I finally got the courage to go for it I made sure I did my research on microblading. What to expect and what not to expect. I also made sure the person doing it is very knowledgeable in their craft.

Iris is AWESOME! She was very patient with me. We discussed what I want and tried to achieve it without compromising my brows natural shape. She shaped and reshaped until I was happy with it. She told me not to settle, which was very reassuring to me that this woman is very passionate and cares about her work. She pays attention to detail so I knew I was in good hands. She explained to me step by step of what she was about to do so I knew what to expect because she knew I was very nervous of the needle. She has very light hands because I didn't feel any pain or discomfort at all. She made me feel so comfortable and so relaxed that I was actually falling asleep! A little under three hours later and Voila! I LOVE my new and improved eyebrows!! It would've taken less time but I told you I had a lot of questions and reservations in the beginning. HAHA. 

If you are contemplating getting your eyebrows done, just do it! You are wasting your time just thinking about it! I take the longest doing my eyebrows in the morning and now I just put on lipstick and a little mascara and I'm out the door! Saves me a lot of time. Make sure you go to a professional. My whole experience with Iris was great!! I highly recommend her. She is very talented!

Words can't describe how I feel about my eyebrows right now. My eyebrows have a beautiful form, shape and on point. At first, I'm totally scared to have this done because I've never had anything done like this before so basically it's my first time doing it and you know what it's pretty awesome that I did it because I love the way my eyebrows right now.
Hands down the best experience!

P.S. If you are scared because of the little needle trust me it's nothing, I'm saying this because I literally don't like pain at all.



I went to Iris for ombré brow work, and I’m so pleased with her work! My brows were essentially a blank canvas, but no more. We all know how significant brows are for framing the face. This changes everything. I would highly recommend booking her!